About Us.


Fable is a children’s brand that encourages the innate artist and natural creativity of a child. Here at Fable, we believe in the magic of dreaming big and creating a space that empowers and supports those big dreams. We bring children together from around the world through creativity, art and stories. We know that when you choose to see the world as a blank canvas, you can dream, create and design your own reality. We also really love a super cute kids tee!


How do I submit my child's art? 
All you need to do is send us an email at fablethebrand@gmail.com. You can scan the art piece or you simply take a photo with your phone. As long as the image is clear we're able to work with it! 

If my child's artwork is submitted and it's not chosen for a collection, can we submit again for future collections? 
Absolutely! We are always looking for designers and new artwork. So please, keep submitting! 

There's mention of a scholarship, what that does mean exactly? 
Good question! We want the little dreamers in the world to have opportunities. Our scholarship program is to give your child an opportunity to explore something that he/she may not have had otherwise. It's also our way to show our appreciation for their participation and sharing their art with us at Fable and around the world. Our goal at Fable is to bring children together through art and talents alike while building a strong community that supports and empowers the them.

So if I submit my child's art, will their information be kept confidential? 
Yes. If your child's art work is chosen to be part of the collective we will not share any information about the artist without your consent and permission. 


Contact Us.


If we haven't answered your question above, please contact us directly and we will get back with you shortly!