Inspiring Kids to
Dream Big


Want to see your artwork come to life?

Here's how it Works


Take some quiet time to think about what you care about in the world. What is your biggest dream? How do you bring your unique creativity to others around you?


This is the fun part! Using any materials you'd like, create a piece of art that expresses what you care about, love and dream about. Then write a few words explaining your art and telling your story.


Scan your artwork (or just take a nice photo) and email it to us at If you don't have an email address, ask your parents for help! Make sure to include your name, age and the explanation of your artwork.


 Do you have a child that loves to draw, paint and create art? Are you looking for ways to encourage, empower, and inspire the artist in them? Well then you've come to the right place! Here at Fable we believe in the power of dreaming big and creating a space to foster and support those dreams.

 Do you want your child to experience the magic of inspiration and connection while touching the lives of other children from around the world?

 Simply send in your child's art. All you need is a white sheet of paper and space for your child to create! They can use markers, crayons, paint, or a simple black pen. Feel free to scan the art work or simply take a photo of their art (only of their art please) with your phone and email it to us

If your child's artwork is chosen to be part of our next collection, you'll be notified via email within a few weeks.

The 'little' designer chosen to join our collection will be awarded a scholarship to put towards their dream along with a free shirt with their design on it, and 15% off other items in our shop.

We look forward to seeing what your child creates!

 * You must have consent from a parent or guardian. You must be 17 years and younger to apply.

 * All artwork must be original and not directly taken from any existing art, illustration, coloring book or storybook.