Meet our latest Dream Fund Winner

Kallie from Florida hosts a super-fun YouTube channel called Patches of Joy

Kallie is inspiring other kids (and adults!) all over the world with her wildly creative how-to videos. Read below for our interview with Kallie and make sure to check out the adorable tee inspired by her passion for spreading joy and creativity in the world.

Kallie's Interview

What do you feel excited about when you wake up in the morning?

I feel excited to get all the things I need to do done so I can create something, or film \ edit a YouTube video I've been looking forward to, or get outside.


What's your favorite food or drink?

 My favorite food is PASTA!! :)


Tell us about your dreams.

 I have many dreams because I am interested in so many fields, but when I zoom out and see the big picture, I really feel like my dream is to reach others & teach others my love of all things arts & crafts through an online platform.


Who inspires you?

 My amazing aunt Katy is my biggest source of inspiration because she has used her love of art and grown it and spread it to others with business, social media, everything. :)


What do you imagine when you think about your life in 5 years?

 I think about how what I'm pursuing right now will affect what I will be doing in the future, and mostly what comes to my mind is my YouTube channel. I imagine I'll be pursuing my career as an arts & crafts teacher, still making videos, maybe having a small business and a website.


If you could choose anywhere to travel to - where would it be? Why?

 I've always dreamed of visiting Austria. The country is soooo beautiful, with a huge color palette (heaven for an artist) and such a unique culture. (Also maybe to run up a green hill and sing Sound of Music songs ;) )


Do you have a favorite inspiring quote?

 I'm not sure this is really related to my dreams, but it perfectly outlines our family morals. I've always loved this one: "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde


Is there someone in your field whom you admire?

 I loove to watch and get inspiration from a sewing channel called Rosery Apparel. She is so sweet and makes the CUTEST things, it just makes me wanna go sew whenever I watch one of her videos. :)


Fill in the blank.... My favorite thing is____

Waking up on a Saturday morning, when the weather is beautiful, and all my neighbors can play, and we play outside all day, and the ice cream truck comes, and we get ice cream, and it's just the perfect day. :)

Thanks Kallie! We're so excited to support you in your big dreams!

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What is The Dream Fund?

We believe in kids + their dreams

We want to empower kids to reach for the stars. Our goal is to support and inspire the kids who are making their dreams a reality. We want them to know we believe in them and their abilities and talents.

2x year we offer award scholarships to further the dreams of our winners

Kids are encouraged to apply and tell us about their dreams and how they on the journey to making them a reality. 2 kids per year are given scholarships to put toward classes, supplies, and other related costs.

The winner inspires the next t-shirt collection

Our little dreamers work with Fable designers to create a unique t-shirt design inspired by their ideas and creativity which is then offered to our customers as a way to support this important mission.